Let's Disciple Nations

The first mobile application connecting new believers and their soul-winners to ensure nurturing faith, growth and community building.

Let's Disciple Nations

The Challenge

1. Limited access to spiritual resources, guidance and proper mentoring for new believers (converts) 2. Zero ease of proper follow-up of new converts for soul winners, and inability to track their growth and participation in spiritual activities.

The Stack Used

PHP Laravel MariaDB JavaScript TypeScript Alpine.js React Native Redux Toolkit Tailwind CSS

The Solution

The Disciple Nations Mobile App addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive platform for new believers to access spiritual resources, connect with mentors, and engage in community activities to ensure:

  • Spiritual Growth

The mobile app empowers converts to grow spiritually through access to resources, activities, and mentorship.

  • Community Engagement

Connects converts with mentors, counselors, and local places of worship, fostering community and fellowship.

  • Accessibility and Ease

Provides access to spiritual resources and support regardless of location or traditional barriers.

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