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Hiring Trends in the PHP Ecosystem with Laravel as a Key Player

Discover the thriving PHP ecosystem. Laravel shines as a leading framework. Embrace Laradir for efficient access to top-tier Laravel talent.

Emmanuel Adesina

11th July, 2024


The blog post debunks claims that PHP is obsolete, highlighting its 76.2% market share and continued demand for developers.

Praise Abidoye

24th June, 2024

The True Cost of Technology: Why Tech Professionals Command High Salaries

Unlocking the Value: Exploring the Factors Behind High Salaries for Tech Professionals- Precision, Innovation, Adaptability.

Ololade Ogunyemi

26th March, 2024

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How to Monitor System Activity in Linux Using the `top` Command

Discover the power of the top command in Linux for real-time monitoring of system activity, managing processes, and optimizing resource usage.

Emmanuel Adesina

20th May, 2024

Cybersecurity for Developers

Offering insights into cybersecurity essentials for developers, covering topics like secure coding, encryption, and common security vulnerabilities

Ololade Ogunyemi

16th April, 2024

The Evolution of Web Development Frameworks

Discover the evolution, components, and pros/cons of web development frameworks. Unlock the efficiency and collaboration they bring to your projects.

Emmanuel Adesina

21st February, 2024

The Importance of Websites for Modern Businesses

The impact of digitization for the growth of a business: Why your business needs an online presence, a websites, your 24/7 showroom!

Ololade Ogunyemi

8th February, 2024

How to Set Timeout for a JavaScript Promises

Master setting timeouts on JavaScript promises with reliability using Promise.race and async/await paired with setTimeout.

Emmanuel Adesina

24th January, 2024

Discussing the Responsibilities of a Product Manager

The roles of product managers in an organisation: Understanding what project managers do and the part they play in an organisation.

Ololade Ogunyemi

15th January, 2024

Data Structures and Algorithm for Beginners

The right ways to work with data: A look into how data is organized, processed, retrieved and stored.

Emmanuel Adesina

6th January, 2024

What is Javascript?

A guide to absolute beginners: Understanding what JavaScript is, its basics, how much it can do and why you should learn it.

Emmanuel Adesina

24th December, 2023

How to Build Your First Blogging Website

A Beginner's Guide to setting up a blogging website; The basics you need to know, from planning to launch.

Emmanuel Adesina

15th December, 2023

Bard Is not Human

AI's true potential - How much can AI do? Unveiling the capabilities and limitations of AI systems like Bard.

Emmanuel Adesina

9th December, 2023

Software Development for Social Good

Software in societal and environmental challenges: From innovative solutions for nonprofits to Eco-friendly applications, how codes drive positive changes.

Emmanuel Adesina

5th December, 2023

Advancing Email Validation in Laravel

Custom Rule for Real and Reliable Email Verification

Emmanuel Adesina

28th November, 2023

An Introduction to Databases

Diving into Databases: Unveiling Their Necessity, Types, and Management Systems: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners.

Emmanuel Adesina

14th November, 2023

The Power of React Native: Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Exploring the Advantages of React Native for Mobile App Development

Emmanuel Adesina

17th October, 2023

Which Programming Language Should You Learn First?

Starting Your Career in Programming: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Programming Language to Start with as a Beginners.

Emmanuel Adesina

7th October, 2023

Which is better, Next.js or Laravel?

Choosing between Next.js and Laravel? Consider proficiency, project scale, and strengths. Here are points to guide your decision.

Emmanuel Adesina

21st September, 2023

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